Process & Technology

We use only RoHS compliant raw materials from world renowed suppliers who deliver consistent and reliable quality for our most severe needs. Raw materials of only European origin is used in our manufacturing. All incoming material is first checked to meet quality before start of production

Slicing of raw materials is done on precise CNC machines to optimize maximum yield and consistent size resulting in competitive pricing.

All operations starting from slicing of raw material to making the finished product are done in-house

Most of our Diamond tools for slicing ,grinding, shaping, polishing etc.are manufactured inhouse with extremely well controlled and graded Diamond powder

Inhouse manufacturing of Diamond tools ensures product consistency ,cost competitiveness & flexibility in making excellent & consistent product

With an employee base of 450 people in our manufacturing.extremely skilled workforce with thorough training is put at work to achieve our stringent quality norms.

Having almost 40 years of experience in Laser cutting,some of most modern technologies are beign put to use

Since most of our products need diverse capabilities ,we need to develop,refine and master the technology inhouse to achieve consistent product quality. As a result we have a setup to design, develop & fabricate all our machines inhouse to meet the everchanging demand of our diverse portfolio of customers

Polishing the product to a surface quality of Ra=| nanometer resolution is what we have achieved with our know-how of this technology

Processing millions of stones for a variety of industries & applications has become a way of life at Industrial Jewels

We have established a very modern and consistent cleaning process by using the best available technology refined for our needs

Visual and dimensional control at each stage of manufacturing meeting the most stringent of AQL standard ensure a defect free product

Equipped to measure a resolution of 0.00001 mm, we are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow

World-renowed measuring gauges & instruments,calibrated on regular basis with traceability to National Standard Laboratories are used in our quality control.

Computerization of our entire operations and quality control ensure complete traceability of the product to the manufacturing machine, employee and Lot no. on every stage of production

Before packaging ,each product undergoes 100% visual control with trained eyes and the best of optical instruments in the industry

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