Parts manufactured from Ruby, Sapphire and Ceramic materials being extremely hard and capable of achieving extremely high level of polish together with their ability to be micro machined makes them the obvious choice for extremely precise and long life expectancy products used in watt-hour meter, water meter, compasses, watches, measuring instruments, metrology, water jet cleaning & cutting etc.

These materials being RoHS compliant are very well accepted for medical devices and analytical industries.

Sapphire, Spinel & Cubic Zirconia products have high refractive index together with scratch resistance and hence perform as excellent optics with extremely hard surface. This makes them suitable for a variety of applications like high quality scratch resistant watch glasses, windows for hand-held devices and opto electronic components.

Parts made from various types of optical glass are used in a variety of opto-electronic and fibre optic applications. They also serve as an excellent optic for photo sensitive application.

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